Who is responsible for Technology Vendor Management for your Business?

Our Managed It Services include vendor management which makes it easier for you to make technology related decisions.  If your Internet service provider is supplying you with a router sub-par cybersecurity we will let you know about it.

In large enterprises, the Chief Information Officer (CIO) has the responsibility of applying appropriate technology decisions to the technical infrastructure as well as managing technology vendors your company might deal with.

In companies without a CIO, you might have a regular IT person who bills you per hour.  This person is not always proactive enough to be trusted as a reliable IT partner, which is oftentimes not intended by the service provider; however- technicians don’t usually have a proactive spectrum and behaviors and your business can become subjective to the results created by these tenancies.

Examples of Technology Vendors:

  1. Line of Business application
  2. Internet Service Providers
  3. Phone service companies
  4.  Niche Market Technology specialists such as programmers

Do you need someone to just manage your Vendors?

No.  Most-likely you don’t need just that.  However; we do include vendor management in our standard services.  We integrate regular VCIO consultations- into our managed service offerings.

Think of San Diego Tech Support as your IT Strategy Partner. Properly run IT departments rarely run into emergency support fees, and their employees also have more productive work days. If this article inspired you to think about your Technology Strategy, please give us a call at (973)343-5479.