Is your Business Looking for High Quality Network Penetration Testing Services? San Diego Tech Support is your Partner for Penetration Testing.

Currently, information and security breaches have reached an all-time high.  Take the first step in protecting your business information, with an Enterprise Grade Penetration Test.

Whether you need our Penetration Testing service to report to your insurance company, or just for good measure- we would love to help.
Network Penetration testing is a vital method for allowing organizations to determine how exposed their networks are to real world threats by showing how well corporate security processes and procedures hold up against authorized but attacks by cybersecurity experts using advanced hacking techniques. We isolate network security risks by attempting to execute known vulnerabilities on internal systems and associated services.

San Diego Tech Support cybersecurity experts can perform extensive in-depth penetration testing without the knowledge of internal IT resources. Such testing uncovers whether existing security monitoring tools such as intrusion detection alerts and event log monitoring are correctly set up and actively monitored.Most common reasons for penetration testing:

  • compliance requirements
  • piece of mind
  • cybersecurity insurance requested information regarding the security of your network and technology infrastructure.

Penetration testing can become the first part of a technology system overhaul, since remedying the security risks which were found in the audit can become another task. We can work with you as a trusted advisor throughout the process, or act as a one stop solution and become a managed security service provider.

Penetration testing can encompass any or all the following areas:

  • Running a series of port scanning tools to identify open network access vectors and to identify and characterize a customer’s network environment and overall security level.
    Running a series of exploit identification tools that test all open access vectors against a large database of known vulnerabilities resulting from servers that are not up to date on security patches, out of date firmware/software, poorly configured servers and devices, and default or common installation passwords.
  • Evaluation of wireless network security by attempting on-site access from publicly accessible locations including parking lots, hallways, bathrooms, and physically adjacent spaces or floors. Identification of security methods utilized by wireless infrastructure and running known exploit tools to gain access
  • Attempt to determine remote access capabilities of network and perform exploit and brute force attack methods to gain access through remote access infrastructure.
  • Perform remote office security evaluation and testing and determine whether remote sites can be used as a vector into the corporate network through VPNs or other private network infrastructure.
  • Performing brute force account and password attacks using a database of over 40 million possible passwords
    For devices and servers that are successfully penetrated, San Diego Tech Support security experts will manually use assorted hacker techniques to extend such exploit vectors to gain an understanding of the full network environment and see how many internal systems can be accessed and compromised. This type of security testing can expose the full scope of the vulnerability of a network environment.
  • Determination of internal and external network addressing configuration through email beaconing techniques
  • Performing various Denial of Service attacks, coordinated with internal senior management to determine whether it is possible to stop or hinder network productivity. Once proof of impact is reported, such testing can be immediately ceased to avoid impact to actual business productivity.

For larger enterprise businesses, San Diego Tech Support can perform anonymous physical security penetration testing, including attempts to gain unauthorized/unchecked access to physical premises by pretending to be authorized personnel, with proof of success from copying of confidential information and accessing internal network resources behind all perimeter firewalls.

A Program Tailored To Your Enterprise BUSINESS:

  • Our team of experts will work with your company on a consulting basis (hourly rate)
  • We can work with you on a monthly service agreement.
  • Or, we can include you in part of a Managed Information Security Services Program (MSSP), where we will periodically do Cybersecurity related services, audits, reporting, and management level tasks in alignment with the rest of your IT department.

Does your Enterprise Business need an Information Security Expert to help you determine if your information is safe? Or do you just want to expose known vulnerabilities?
Allow us to show you how we can SECURE Your Information The Right Way. Additionally, we can look at your expenses to see if your business is throwing good money after bad. We can work in alignment with your budgeting to make sure that you have a solid cost control for all of your technology expenditures.

Don’t create unnecessary burden by implementing an IT environment with inadequate Security Policies and Security Controls. Its going to cost more money to RE-Do it when you have to do it right the second time around.

Let the experts come in and show you what needs to be done in order to do it the right way. We’ll show you how to do it, educate your staff on the implementation if needed. Then, you can decide if you want us to help on an extended basis, or just for the initial consultation. Either way, we value your business and we would love to help keep your information safe!

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