Need help with a Server Installation?  RCS can help.

Whether you just need the server installation, server repair or just help identifying other possible areas of concern:

  • the right server for your business
  • Which operating system do you use
  • Which system has the ease-of-use
  • cyber security concerns

If you are first looking into getting a private server for your company, let RCS help up you choose the right server and features and set it up If you are managing a private server yourself already, we recommend you contact us as soon as possible Let us handle it for you so you can focus on your business and not the stress of keeping your server running correctly

RCS provides Business IT Services for business large and small, as well as IT services for Data Centers.  IF you need your server installed in a Data Center- we can arrange that for you as well.  Give us a call today at (973)343-5479.