Looking for Business Application Consulting?

Perhaps your business has run into an issue with a specific line of business application? San Diego Tech Support is your partner in application consulting.


San Diego Tech Support award-winning Business Application strategy, implementation and integration consulting services provide you with out of the box industry best practices and best of breed technology solutions in this mobile first, cloud first world.

Spectrum of Services Provided:


Most business fields have software readily available in the marketplace that fits about 70% of what the business actually does.  Usually, smaller businesses are able to get by this by using a few different applications in combination with a workflow process that isn’t exactly easy.

Once most businesses reach a certain size, they begin to enter a territory where they see that customizing the software stack becomes a more profitable option, rather than relying on an off-the-shelf solution that only does 60% – 75% of what you need to accomplish in your business.

Business Application Strategy:

Whether you need a company to consult or organize your software stack, or develop integrations from one set of software application to another, San Diego Tech Support Can help you get the most out of the software that you are using.

CRM Customization:

We can customize a CRM for your business, as well as integrate your CRM in with your other business applications.  We can make sure your CRM plays well with other business applications throughout the business process for your company.

Business Application Development:

Most businesses don’t need a completely custom application developed from scratch, but if you intend on doing this, we can do this as well.  In most cases, we have the core platform already complete, and we would just tailor our application to fit your business requirements.  This will be more budget friendly for our clients.

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