Looking for a company to provide an Outsourced Help Desk Service?  Rely on San Diego Tech Support for immediate, Help Desk Outsourcing services.

Outsourced Help Desk:

San Diego Tech Support offers outsourced helpdesk solutions including (but not limited to) 24/7helpdesk services and part time helpdesk services. We provide these business services to channel partners, other IT companies, software companies for line of business applications as well as clients who want to line their internal IT Systems with a fully staffed helpdesk.

As one of the industry’s leading outsourced service desk providers, we also offer application support center and customer service desk solutions. No matter what type of help desk outsourcing services your business needs, we can provide you with a complete and customized turnkey solution based on your unique IT needs.

Unlike many other Managed Service Providers our helpdesk services can be offered as a stand-a-lone service, as well as an add-on. This means or you can use our helpdesk as part of a fully-managed services agreement, but you don’t NEED to.

One common question:

Do you guys use overseas workers to answer the phone?

The answer is yes and no.  We use both helpdesk agents from US as well as Manila Philippines.  This allows us to keep a true 24×7 help desk and call center service operational, while mantaining reasonable levels of language barrier as compared to using agents from other countries.  In cases where the client opts for a US staffed helpdesk, we can provide that.  However; it is slightly more expensive.

As far as using workers from overseas, all of the call center agents are hand selected by English Speaking personnel- in order to select the agents with the best English speaking skills + Level 1 Tech support skills.  We think that these call center agents provide support equal to that of US-born residents.

Is San Diego Tech Support a good fit for your Outsourced Helpdesk requirements?  Give a call today to find out.  (973)343-5479.