Interested in finding out more on Managed Cyber Security Services? San Diego Tech Support is your Cybersecurity Partner.

Which Services are considered Managed Cybersecurity Services?  And does My Business NEED IT?

Cybersecurity may or may not be a legal obligation- depending on your line of business.  However; proper cybersecurity posture will definitely improve the safety and security of your data, your customers’ data as well as your business information.

Businesses may need Managed Cybersecurity services for:

  • compliance requirements
  • piece of mind
  • cybersecurity insurance requested information regarding the security of your network and technology infrastructure.

Our Managed Cyber security services are divided into three main groups:

  1. Assess
  2. Address
  3. Maintain

Services in the “Assess” group, are services related to the discovery of cybersecurity risks or vulnerabilities. 

Some of these services could be:

  • a security risk assessment (SRA)
  • a vulnerability assessment
  • Sometimes a basic walkthrough of a network may be a basic security discovery measure
  • Cybersecurity consulting

Services in the “Address” group– are related to the mitigation of such risks. 

These services could be:

  • outlining a plan for deploying a firewall solution
  • educating employees on different vulnerabilities and how to handle sensitive information
  • This can also include remediation efforts if responding to a cyber-attack.

Services The “Maintain” group covers ongoing efforts related to the ongoing efforts to keep your network and business safe from cyber attacks.  This is where Managed Cyber Security takes Place.

  • We can keep track of unified threat management systems
  • We may apply new security policies when they come along
  •   Additionally, we can run a yearly SRA (Security Risk Assessment) which is a requirement for different compliance and regulatory standards, and even if compliance isn’t a business requirement- these always provide another level of security awareness for your business.
  • Managed Firewall
  • Network Traffic Monitoring

Additional the services we offer on an as-needed basis for our Managed Cyber Security clients:

  1. Tailored security and technology services to meet your needs
  2. Managed services programs
  3. Firewall protection
  4. Penetration testing (upon request)
  5. Industry-leading anti-virus protection
  6. Security review/vulnerability assessment
  7. Email encryption
  8. Email security services
  9. Managed WiFi services
  10. User policy settings
  11. VPN security
  12. Ongoing security reviews

Penetration testing can become the first part of a technology system overhaul, since remedying the security risks which were found in the audit can become another task.  We can work with you as a trusted advisor throughout the process, or act as a one stop solution and become a managed security service provider.

For larger enterprise businesses, San Diego Tech Support can perform anonymous physical security penetration testing, including attempts to gain unauthorized/unchecked access to physical premises by pretending to be authorized personnel, with proof of success from copying of confidential information and accessing internal network resources behind all perimeter firewalls.

A Cyber Security Program Tailored To Your BUSINESS:

  • Our team of experts will work with your company on a consulting basis (hourly rate)
  • We can work with you on a monthly basis
  • Or, we can include you in part of a managed security services program, where we will periodically do cybersecurity related services, audits, reporting, and management level tasks in alignment with the rest of your IT department.

Does your small to medium business want a cybersecurity expert to help you determine if your information is safe?  Or do you just want to expose known vulnerabilities? 

Please Allow us to show you how to SECURE your IT the Right way.  We can evaluate your Security Components and even test the vulnerabilities of your network in different areas by testing your network environment using different known cyber attack loop-holes and recording the results.  We can work in alignment with your budget to make sure that you have a solid cost control for all of your technology related expenditures, or even just the cyber-security related components.

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