Does your business need Email Security Services?  RCS is your Partner.

With cyber attacks and cyber crime at an all-time high, modern cyber security requires several layers of protection in order to have a complete and effective solution in place to safeguard your data.

Most Cyber Attacks start with an email, so we usually place a lot of emphasis on email security.  Most online email platforms that I’ve seen have a spam box.  While it might seem effective, spam boxes left to default configurations are designed to fight spam on a basic level- and can provide many with a false sense of security.  Most cyber-attacks have the ability to look like a legitimate email in order to make it past your default spam protection.

Types of email security:

Cloud Based Spam Monitoring and Filtration:

Several Services out there provide advanced spam filtration using cloud services.  Some of these services work better than others.  There are a few that we work with and recommend.

Firewall Based -Cloud Email Monitoring and Protection:

We always recommend a Firewall with Advanced Threat Protection Services Subscription. ATP services are available from most enterprise grade firewall services such as Barracuda Networks and Dell Sonicwall.  All of these require an ongoing subscription service in order to maintain advanced functionality features- they are provided as a service.  Do not make the mistake of spending $1500 on a firewall, just to have it function as an over-glorified routing device.

For most UTM’s this is usually powered by a cloud service  scans SMTP and SMTPS traffic against advanced malware  that is not detected by the virus scanner or Intrusion Prevention System.  If you opt for Barracuda, the ATP analyzes files in the Barracuda ATP cloud and assigns a risk score. Local ATP policies determine how files with a high,medium, or low risk scores are treated. To use ATP you must have an Energize Updates and Advanced Threat Protection subscription.

Email Encryption:

Email encryption not used as commonly.  While email encryption is available- its not used as often since it requires end-to-end encryption, and it would be difficult to teach everyone who you communicate with to use the email encryption system.  This is helpful for information that is private or confidential such as bank documents or patient information.

Are you ready to take your email security to the next level?  Give RCS a call and let’s determine the best course of action to secure your email platform, as well as the rest of your business.