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 Interested to find out more about MS Office 365?

For small and midsized businesses, the Microsoft Office productivity suite is usually one of the most basic business application requirements. Consider how much you have paid for each software license. How would you feel about spending a fraction of the cost for the entire Microsoft Office productivity suite?

San Diego Tech Support is proud to offer the Microsoft Office 365 cloud-based productivity suite to small and midsized businesses in all of our Service Areas.  Pay per per month rather than the traditional per machine rate.  This can reduce your monthly costs.

Access Your Microsoft Office Applications Anywhere

View and share files with everyone on your team from anywhere, on almost any device.

Microsoft Office 365 enables users to access documents from anywhere on a multitude of devices like smartphones, tablets, and more. Do you have a PC at work with Windows 7 or 8 and need to do some work from home? Microsoft Office 365 is available wherever there is an Internet connection.

Every Office App is Now on the Cloud

Your favorite Microsoft Office Apps are available in the cloud.

The Microsoft Office productivity Suite features Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, OneNote, a team SharePoint site, as well as an online meeting place with HD video and screen sharing. Everything about Office 365 has been redesigned to provide elite usability, with quicker load times to improve workflow. By taking advantage of the cloud, the work you do on all of these applications is automatically saved and backed up, which provides you with peace of mind as your work is redundantly saved.

Benefit from Real-Time Collaboration

The cloud lets all team members comment and share projects to improve communication.

All entities of your business can benefit from adding cloud-based productivity features by Microsoft. Since team members can share, collaborate, and communicate on projects using cloud technology, they will see additional benefits from being able to work in the same project.

Microsoft’s cloud solution is a secure way to store your files. Microsoft’s Office servers have a 99.9% uptime, and when you store your files on Microsoft’s secure cloud infrastructure, you are saving the expense of having to maintain your own IT infrastructure.

Bullet-proof  Cybersecurity:

These two words almost SHOULDN’T be used together.  Bulletproof is a strong word.  Microsoft Servers are as close as it gets to bullet-proof cybersecurity.  The added security your files have on Microsoft’s cloud platform is worth the monthly fee for the rest of the service.


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